July 2020 Product Update

Product update July 2020:

All our production in 2020 will be adjusted to respond to COVID 19 guidelines.

Reducing customer contact, maintaining physical distancing, sanitizing regularly, use of gloves and masks, and encouraging payments via etransfer.

Product types:  Our LoonSong spelt flour and LoonSong whole spelt berries (groats) are available now.   We aim to have our whole wheat flour ready after harvest in early August, and rolled oats after harvest in late August/early September, depending on how the heat affects crop maturation!

Order and purchase through one of our amazing local sales locations:  See Spring Summer 2020 Locations page

Direct purchase prices from us:

Spelt whole grain flour   1.5kg  $7.25 / 3.5kg  $15.00 /  6kg:  $25.00 / Spelt flour  25kg  $75.00

Whole spelt groats   1.5kg $7.25 / 3.5kg  $15.00 /  6kg:  $25.00 /  25kg  $75.00

Whole Wheat Flour– coming soon

Fresh Rolled Oats – coming soon

Rye Flour – coming soon

Payments for direct purchases from us, via etransfer at loonsongfarm@gmail.com.

Other pickup arrangements:  Non-contact pickup currently available in Cobourg/Peterborough area. Also in Toronto by arrangement.