Sudbury CSA

 LoonSong Organic Grain Products CSA for Sudbury   

                                          CSA Quick Facts:

Price: $100 small or $200 large

Frequency: monthly pickup from April 2018 to March 2019 – last Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday of each month

Pick-up Location: Giacomo’s Deli on Lorne St. in the Gatchell neighbourhood

What You Get: Personalize your order each month for flours and oats, until your account reaches $0

Signing Up: read content below and click on link mid-page for the on-line form

Registration Is Still Open for Sudbury’s Organic Grain CSA through LoonSong Farm  

See details below:


Launched March, 2018

At LoonSong Farm we have been nourishing communities and land by growing organic and biodynamic food since 2003.  We have been working with eaters in Sudbury for over 10 years, since we began delivering our lettuce to the Eat Local Sudbury stall of the Farmers Market in the city in 2005. Changes however have been happening for the local Sudbury food system with the closing of Eat Local Sudbury earlier this year.

Changes have been happening for LoonSong also, with our transition from Manitoulin Island to southern Ontario in  summer of 2017.  These are steps we’ve taken so that we can better do what we’ve been doing and we are eager to maintain and serve our connections with communities and people in northern Ontario – though the ways this manifests may evolve over time.  For past members and customers of ELS and eaters in the Sudbury area, for this year, we are piloting a CSA model for our grain products, and we invite you to join us!

By supporting this new grain CSA, you are maintaining your connection with healthy fresh foods, and also supporting the sustainable development of mid-scale organic food growing and processing in Ontario to provide foods as directly as possible to eaters.  This processing element is still rare, though much needed, to maintain the integrity of healthy local and regional food systems in Canada!

What does this CSA look like?

We are offering our full range of organic grain products: Fresh rolled oats, stone ground spelt flour, dark rye flour, and whole wheat flour (our wheat flour is currently from a variety named Redeemer however we are expecting to have Red Fife wheat flour as well again in the fall of 2018).  See the full list with pricing below.

We offer two share sizes: a Small Share at $100, and Large Share at $200.  If you know that you will want more than either of these amounts in the coming year you can sign up for more than one share.

How it works:

  • Your CSA share purchase is like putting money in a bank account. You purchase your share at the beginning and then put in your order each month 2 weeks ahead of the pickup date (we will send out a monthly email reminder ahead of the order date). We will debit your share account the amount of each month’s order until your account reaches $0.  If we don’t hear back from you in any given month we won’t mill anything for you. We will keep track of your orders and forward an update of your remaining balance each month.
  • Products included in the CSA and their prices are listed below. If you use up the value of your CSA share credit before the end of the CSA year (March 31, 2019) and still want more of our products, you can either purchase a share extension ($50, $100, or $200) or make monthly orders and pay for them on a one-off basis.  Please note that products ordered on share extensions, or on shares bought after April 6th 2018, will have 10% higher pricing.  Orders made as one-off purchases after your share value is used up will have 15% higher pricing.
  • This CSA arrangement will work best if there is consistency in volume averaged over the year. We encourage you to sign up if you think you will order regularly – something on average of at least every 2 months (every month is great, but not necessary).

Length of commitment: Your share is good through March 31, 2019.  If at that time there is a remaining credit on your CSA account it will go towards supporting the on-going development of LoonSong Farm.

We will limit this first grain CSA arrangement to March 2019.  At that time we will reassess how it has worked, consider feedback from participants, and see what the food ecosystem of Sudbury looks like then, to decide whether and/or how to offer the CSA again or if something different will make more sense.

Pick-up days: Pickups are 3 days per month, the last Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of each month.

Location:  Pickup location at Giacomo’s Deli, 997 Lorne St., Sudbury  (near the intersection with Morrison.)  Hours are Wednesday 9:00am-5:00pm, Thursday 9:00am-5:30pm, and Saturday 9:00am-2pm.  Big thanks to Cindy for hosting the CSA pick-ups!

Signing Up:  If you’re interested, please sign up via the ONLINE SIGN-UP FORM HERE.  It’s a two-step process: 1/ fill out and submit the sign-up form and then 2/ forward your payment.  Payment can either be by interact e-transfer to or by cheque payable to Loonsong Farm and mailed to PO Box 90, Stevensville, ON  L0S 1S0.  When sending payment please clearly identify it with the same name as used on the sign-up form (payor name for interact e-transfer or on the memo line on the cheque).   Information on ordering procedures will be forwarded after you sign up.

How do the grains get to Sudbury?  We ship once a month with Manitoulin Transport to their depot in Sudbury (on Mumford Road just of Hwy 55 near Hwy 17).  A volunteer will collect the boxes from the depot each month and bring them to the pickup location.  (If you’re interested in helping out in this role for one or more pick-ups please let us know!)

Will there be other ways to get LoonSong products in Sudbury if I am not able to do this now? We are offering this CSA structure since we don’t have any retail arrangements yet for LoonSong products in the Sudbury area.  We will keep our members and the public informed about any new developments if and as they happen.

What if I am away for the pickup date? It is your responsibility to pickup your order, or make alternate arrangements to have it picked up if you’re not able to.  The hosts of the CSA pick-up location will be doing a wonderful favour and we can’t expect them to deal with the logistics of extra product left there.

Communicating with us:  We look forward to staying in contact with you throughout the year.  Email is our preferred method for handling inquiries and for info, updates, order schedules and  details about the CSA going out.  You will hear from us monthly with an order reminder and any other updates to share.  We will use the dedicated email address for orders, updates, and any communications relating to the CSA program.  For other non CSA related communications you can use our regular email address at  If email isn’t feasible you can contact us via phone at 289-228-0047.

How are things going with LoonSong? Thanks for asking.  Here are our recent and current farming details:  In 2017 we planted our LoonSong crops in two geographic areas: Niagara region, and Northumberland county (south of Peterborough).  The 2017 rains were challenging in the south, as they were for farmers in the north.  In the clay soils of Niagara, we had some successes, and also some fields which didn’t come to fruition and weren’t able to be harvested.  Our successful crops were winter spelt and Redeemer wheat for milling, and buckwheat for cash crop and seed.  Unfortunately our oats and Red Fife wheat for milling were on fields that stayed very wet and did not do well.  In spite of the rainy conditions, our buckwheat on well drained fields in Northumberland did better.

In 2018 we will plant all of our crops on our leased fields in Northumberland county. We are enthusiastic about the quality and characteristics of the soils and the rolling land in Northumberland – it is a more resilient growing environment in the face of the swings in weather patterns that we’ve been seeing more of in recent years.  And we are excited that we will be able to focus on planting in just the one area, the Northumberland county community, which will also be our primary home base beginning this spring. For milling this spring we will be planting oats and red fife wheat (the spelt, rye, and Redeemer wheat are fall planted crops).  We will also grow black turtle beans on land we are transitioning to organic.  We plan to keep our milling in Stevensville in the Niagara region for this season.

Because our 2017 oat harvest was challenged, we will need to purchase in some oats for seed and for milling for the interim this summer – enough for about 4 months until our own oats are harvested again in August or early September.  No organic hulless oats are available to be found in Ontario or Quebec, and the closest we have found is Alberta. We are purchasing directly from a farmer in Alberta, who has grown the oats with organic practices, however is not certified.  There just aren’t any currently available sources for certified organic hulless oats.  Because they will be the same type of oats though, and we will be processing them in the same way we have in the past, we intend that they will have the same GREAT flavor that our oats have always had.

We are happy that our own LoonSong grains for milling are currently all grown on certified organic land.  But our processing facilities are not yet certified organic, so our packaging does not say “certified organic”. Organic certification for our processing will be another step in the next year or so.

In 2017 as we were in the midst of our move to southern Ontario, we were not able to work as much with the Biodynamic practices on our crops as we would like, or as we have in the past. So our current milling grains are organic, but not fully Biodynamic.  In 2018 we look forward to focusing more on use of Biodynamic practices, which will help the plants and soils to be responsive and resilient in the face of changing climate conditions.

In closing:  Thank you for your interest!!!  If there is something we have missed, and you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to collaborating with you!


LoonSong products for Sudbury grain CSA and values for share debits

Item Size CSA base price for shares purchased by April 6th CSA price for shares purchased after April 6th and for share extensions CSA price for one-off additional purchases
Rolled Oats 1 kg 6.00 6.60 6.90
Rolled Oats 2.5 kg 12.75 14.03 14.66
Rolled Oats 4 kg 19.25 21.18 22.14
Spelt Flour 1.5 kg 7.00 7.70 8.05
Spelt Flour 3.5 kg 15.00 16.50 17.25
Spelt Flour 6 kg 25.00 27.50 28.75
Dark Rye Flour 1.5 kg 7.00 7.70 8.05
Dark Rye Flour 3.5 kg 15.00 16.50 17.25
Dark Rye Flour 6 kg 25.00 27.50 28.75
Redeemer Wheat Flour 1.5 kg 6.00 6.60 6.90
Redeemer Wheat Flour 3.5 kg 12.50 13.75 14.38
Redeemer Wheat Flour 6 kg 20.00 22.00 23.00