Prices and Where to Find Them

We  fresh-mill our flours and rolled oats on a monthly basis throughout the year.  There are a number of ways you can try our products.

(To see bakers, restaurants, and breweries who are using them, click here.)

For purchasing our packaged products, see below:

  • In Toronto:
    • at the Earthaven Farm table at the Brick Works Farmers’ Market (Saturday mornings)
    • at the Earthaven Farm table at the Village Market  (Saturday mornings) Note: Earthhaven is generally only there spring/summer/fall, but the market is year round)
    • A LoonSong Community Buying Club is active in Junction/Bloor West area- contact us for more info or to see about starting one in your neighborhood!


We’re not currently set up for shipping our flours and oats, though we are happy to try organize local deliveries in new areas when it’s feasible.  Please contact us if you have suggestions for outlets who would like to carry our products!

Our direct-sale retail prices are:




Fresh Stone-Ground Flour

Redeemer Wheat Flour

1.5 kg 7.25
3.5 kg  15.00
6kg  25.00
Spelt Flour

1.5 kg

3.5 kg 16.00

6 kg


Rolled Oats

1 kg


2.5 kg 12.75
4 kg 19.25

If you’re interested in regularly using larger quantities of our flours for your commercial or institutional baking please contact us for wholesale pricing .

We have had inquiries about the availability of whole grain for those wanting to do home milling.  At this point we are not organized for selling packages of unmilled grain.