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Gardening and Farming to Develop Heart-Filled Human Capacity

with the Land

apple blossomsAt LoonSong we have been practicing high quality gardening and farming since 2003, growing nourishing foods and cultivating vibrant community connections in and for the region around us.  After offering a wide range of vegetables and fruits through CSA and market garden for 8 years, we now grow oats, spelt, wheat, and rye using organic and Biodynamic practices and mill the grains with care, into stone-ground flours and rolled oats.  The flavor and freshness of our rolled oats are unique and delicious and will bring you back for more!

In 2017 LoonSong is migrating!  This spring we moved our farming and home from Manitoulin Island to southern parts of Ontario, something that we have been considering for a while, in response to family needs, farmland, markets and transportation.  We are very sad to be leaving the Manitoulin community web of farmers, friends, and colleagues cultivated over 14 years of farming, teaching, and food system building, but we will stay connected to the Island in many ways (including keeping LoonSong products stocked at several Island locations).  We send huge gratitude out to all of our Manitoulin “family” in the north, and at the same time look forward to being more closely linked with those in southern and eastern Ontario.

spring 2017 wheat fieldOur farming for 2017 has been primarily in Niagara Region at Paul’s family farm, where we planted some field crops in the last couple of years, and we now have these fields formally certified organic with Eco-cert for our milling grains.  (This spring’s wheat field:  see picture on left.)

LoonSong’s permanent location is becoming Northumberland County, in the hills south of Peterborough, between Rice Lake and Lake Ontario.  Beginning in 2018 Northumberland will be our primary base.  We have been leasing land there for 2017, and are growing community connections there already, inspired by the people and landscape and farmland we are finding…check back here for more info on all of this.

We will continue to grow our oats, spelt, wheat, and rye for you using organic and Biodynamic practices and milling the grains with care.  Our stone-ground flours and fresh rolled oats will be found in new locations as well as the spots you may be familiar with.  See other pages on this website for where to find our products.

IMG_20170615_200125(July growth of our wheat crop at left- maturing well!!)

We are on track for acquiring a mill for finer-grind flours suited for bakeries this fall, and will continue to create our classic grainy flours too.  Our education and outreach will grow in new ways in this next phase, so stay tuned for all that’s coming next!

It’s best to reach us by email, loonsongfarm@gmail.com,

or phone (289)228-0047.

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